Everyone has ITCHY FINGERS this time of year, so let’s discuss the fruitful way to start your Spring Gardening.



Clean all soil, residue and rust from Garden tools. A wire brush works well for this task. For rust, soak in white vinegar for several hours to release.  Once clean, use old rag to wipe down with WD-40®.  Be sure to check the wooden handles. If the wood has splintered, give the handle a light sanding with sandpaper, then rub the wood with linseed oil.

Garden Tools
Pruners, Shears, Shovels, Spades and Hoes.

To sharpen the edges, put a bit of oil — either WD-40 or motor oil — on the blade. Then, with a handheld whet stone, file the blade at a 20-degree angle. You can also use a file or a motorized sharpener depending on the tool needing sharpening and the equipment that you have.

Tip: To ensure that you do not miss any part of the blade, use a dark marker to color the blade, and sharpen until all the color is gone.


Time to check your Dahlia Tubers!  For those who saved and stored year to year, check now for fleshiness or mold.  If they are in good shape, continue to store for another 6 weeks  –  until the threat of frost is gone.


Tulips, Scylla, Daffodils and other Fall planted bulbs are waking up.  Head out into your gardens and enjoy the first signs of Spring!

Look out for the anchor heads and protect them from becoming a deer’s next meal.  At this time we recommend applying Milorganite and deer spray.  Deer spray can be applied by first mixing in a watering can, and evenly water mixture over bulbs at the point of dripping.

Bulb heads



Observe all of your Evergreens.  Prune to remove deadwood and crossing branches.  Avoid shaping at this time,  you don’t want to lose flower buds which are close to blooming.




As soon as the ground has thawed evaluate your perennials.  If they are too large and out growing your garden bed divide divide divide…..

Dig around the perimeter, lift out and divide to replant approximately 1/3 to 1/4 of the plant.  Amend the soil by adding compost, dehydrated cow manure and lightly fertilize with 14-14-14.  Remove any diseased areas and replant.  If you have a surplus, share with your fellow gardeners!



Happy Gardening!




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