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Do you know how to start your very own vegetable garden?


Vegetables are divided into cool-season and warm-season. To get a jump on spring planting, you can start seedlings for warm-weather crops such as tomatoes, peppers and squash indoors with the help of a grow light. In warmer climates, seeds can be started indoors as early as January and February, but check the date of the last frost in your area to plan your indoor seed-start date. – See more at:


April is a Beautiful Month to Share in Gardening!

April is a beautiful and busy month for any one having an interest in gardening, professional it can be overwhelming. Not only is it National Gardening Month but also Autism Awareness Months — Two subjects very close to my heart. Having a son, now 13 with autism gardening is a activity we do together. At times I question who’s the teacher when we’re in the garden. I’m reminded constantly to stay in the moment and secondly nothing has to be perfect, especially in the garden. There is a tolerance of some insects, some weeds and a lot of foot prints in the middle of a spinach row. I can’t say I’ve lower my standards, I’ve just gotten an education on what’s important and that’s having fun gardening. So reach out to friends, family members, neighborhood kids, a kid with special needs and dig some dirt. Share your bounty and garden experience, its an unforgettable one.