Winterizing your lawn and shrubs is something to look forward to since it means spring will soon be around the corner. We wanted to post tips on preparing your lawn and garden for the winter months. Now that the frost will soon be coming, it is time to get your backyard ready for old man winter…

1. Winterizing Lawn and Shrubs: Professional tips for preparing your lawn and other plants for winter

Harsh winter conditions can cause a number of issues with your landscaping plants, including broken branches due to snow loading, brown leaves from icy winds, and disease or fungal issues in the lawn. Here, professional landscapers share their tips for protecting your lawn and shrubs from winter damage…See More

2. Prepping your lawn for winter weather

You might want to start prepping your yard for the first freeze, with winter weather right around the corner.

Jeff Hudiburgh, Owner of A-1 Landscaping and Nursery, said a big mistake people make when prepping for winter is using their personal air compressor to blow out an irrigation system. He said you really need a high pressure air compressor that will push the water out to prevent lines from freezing and breaking.

Hudiburgh said, “People try to do it and they don’t succeed, and there’s low spots in their yard where their pipes have a little, low dip into the ground. That’s where the water will sit and fill up the entire pipe and eventually the frost will hit that pipe and freeze that water inside the line and cause it to break the..” Read More

3. Experts’ tips can help your lawn bounce back from winter

Grass in the shade and other places where snow and ice linger is susceptible to snow mold, a fuzzy, pink or gray fungus that can damage or kill grass, said Myers, a horticulturist, garden writer and radio and TV host whose books include The Ohio Lawn Guide.

Snow mold likes moist environments, she said, so it’s a good idea to lightly rake grass in those vulnerable areas to fluff it and allow… See More

4. How to prepare your lawn equipment for fall and winter

Source: How to prepare your lawn equipment for fall and winter – Homestructions

Maintaining lawn equipment is a valuable practice that you should perform to extend the life and performance of your equipment. Neglecting your lawn tools can not only result in an unkempt lawn, but you may need to call in a landscaping expert while your equipment undergoes costly repairs.  Taking the time to care for your lawn mower and other tools now will mean…”

5. What can you do to improve your lawn? Grow some winter weeds

Winter weeds may be one of the best things that ever happened to your lawn.

I know how hard it will be for some of you to digest this thought. After all, it’s winter, and every yard should look as plain and brown as a manila envelope. Why should anyone let a sprig of fresh green violate the grave beige sanctity of our dormant lawns?…” Learn More

6. Dry grass tips to get your lawn through the winter

“The combination of mild
weather and no rain or snow can make for heavenly days, but it can turn lawn
care into a nightmare.

Even in the winter,
grass needs moisture..” Read More

7. How to Revive Your Lawn After Winter

Your lawn endured a lot of snow, ice and harsh wind this past winter. Now that spring has come to melt the last of the freeze, it’s time to survey the grass and see what you need to do to bring your lawn back to life. It may be able to bounce back on its own, but it may need some help. Here are some tips on reviving your lawn for the warmer months ahead…” See More