who we are

William Spitzer is our founder and mentor at Horticultural Solutions, a concept that started in 1989. William has a degree in horticulture and has an active-in-the-greens industry accreditation since graduation in 1975.

We are proud to say that we have grown into a business that larger estate owners have depended upon. These owners are often garden lovers such as us.  We are please that we are able to give them the quality of artistry in their garden design through to the lawn care that neighbors the beds.



We place our new recruits under a rigorous 2-year apprenticeship.  There are opportunities for those that enjoy horticultural landscapes.

  • come back as we are under construction but want to share with you our offerings.

Contact us here. We would be happy to answer all questions.

the best of professionals

  • William Spitzer
    William Spitzer, know in social circles as the artist of gushing flower beds and dimensional gardens letting minds wander and relax.


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